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To Book Anushay: CALL (202) 834-7840 or EMAIL

Anushay Hossain frequently travels to top universities and institutions across the United States giving talks and speaking on panels about global women’s rights movements, millennial feminism, and rape culture.

She presented at Washington’s National Press Club, Yale Law School, University of Michigan, Duke, University of Chicago, University of Virginia (UVA), Georgetown University, and New York University (NYU) amongst many other renown institutions.

To Book Anushay: CALL (202) 834-7840 or EMAIL


Anushay Hossain is a strong, feminist voice on behalf of women around the world who are fighting for their rights and their lives. She is a candid, articulate advocate and an engaging speaker.

-Kim Gandy, Fmr. President of the National Organization of Women (NOW).

As a Muslim woman of color from Bangladesh, Anushay Hossain brings a fresh and much-needed perspective to the discussion of women’s rights in the West and Global South. Anushay is eloquent, thought-provoking and combines an unequivocal passion for justice with a sobering understanding of issues on the ground. She is a voice that all feminists need to hear. 

-Ratna Noteman Black, NYU Wagner School of Public Service Women’s Caucus.

Anushay Hossain was a dynamic and inspirational speaker, who gave a riveting talk exploring the interaction of women’s rights with international political conflict. Anushay’s ability to interact with and command an audience makes her an exceptional speaker. 

-Pouneh Aravand, Yale Law School, Class of 2012.

Anushay Hossain spoke at a workshop at the South Asian Awareness Network’s 2013 Conference, Ethos. She was incredible. The workshop was perfectly crafted; it was unique, current, and resonated strongly with the students. Hossain went beyond expectations and engaged students on a more personal level, a difficult art when conducting a workshop with 100-125 people in the room.

Yash Bhutada, University of Michigan, Chair, South Asian Awareness Network.

I found that when it comes to women’s rights issues, the speaker delivering the message is often as important as the issue itself. As a public speaker, Anushay is as knowledgeable as she is engaging…She emulates both warmth and strength in her delivery, leaving her audience feeling informed as well as inspired to take action. 

-Bianca J. Ursillo, Quinnipiac University, Class of 2010.


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