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Anushay Hossain is a feminist journalist and political analyst whose work is featured on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and more. Her writings on politics, gender, and race are published on Forbes, CNN.com, The Daily Beast, and Medium.

She is also the host of the Spilling Chai podcast.

Anushay is the Washington Correspondent for the Daily Ittefaq where she pens a political column for the iconic Bangladeshi newspaper, providing in-depth analysis on the latest from Capitol Hill.

She guest-hosted Al-Jazeera English’s (AJE), “The Stream” from 2012-2013 and is a panelist on PBS’ feminist news-analysis program, “To The Contrary.”

Anushay completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia (UVA) and has a Master’s degree from the University of Sussex. A passionate linguist, she studied Italian while living in Rome and is fluent in five languages.

Anushay is married and lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two children. Her forthcoming book from Simon and Schuster is slated for release in fall 2021.


  1. I think what you are doing is great, the more people become aware the more they will be willing to make changes.

  2. I am impressed at the breadth of your coverage of the topic of women’s issues. You connect the problems of women of the most “privileged” classes such as the Japanese Crown Princess with those of women who are less prominent but still pressured in similar ways.

  3. Thank you for reminding us about gender inequality, and keep up the good work. We need more voices like yours.

  4. I am impressed with the coverage of gender equality. All the best dear Anushay

  5. I came across your website through youtube, were you shared your views about the $50 million spent by USA on Pakistan media.
    Your blog is something completey different. I’ve been bought up in a pakistani family. I share very similar views to you. No-one else has started a blog quiet like yours.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. I like the way you expresses your ideas, thoughts, views and actions. I think the root cause to the problems faced by women in Muslim countries are due lack of education. I am just searching time to write something in your blogs in near future.

  7. Aslamoalakum

    I really liked the way you responded to the questions put up infront of you just saw that video on youtube about 50$ Million USD invested in Media Market. I knew that for some time, at the time when people were submitting their bidding/tenders. but my Intel was that it will be spent on creating Public messages through 3D Animation and target audience will be Teens to clear their heads from the doubts (huh?) about US. Anyways… I really wish if I could have a conversation with you, I have some question to ask to clear my head :).
    best Regards,

  8. Dear Anushay,

    I am thinking to create common blog for different persons of different sectors from different countries and I would like to include you as well due to your voice for woman’s right. This concept could help every writers to take among more people. If you are happy, pls write me in omram2002@gmail.com.

  9. Hello! Thank you for such a wonderful blog. Your emails are like a beacon of light out there for women and women of every colour. I so miss the feminist viewpoint in mainstream media. It just isn’t there. I do believe women can help shift the patterns of the world. And a major shift is what we need.

    I am presently working to bridge the gap between the diverse socio-cultural communities in Vancouver, BC, and the green movement. Only together will be able to make change. I very much enjoyed the intelligence of your article in the Huffington Post titled “Climate Change Hits Women harder, So Where are the Feminist Voices”? I would welcome you to write a short article for our blog: http://www.rangichangi.ca

    RangiChangi means vibrant of extremely colourful in Nepalese. We think this best sums up the tenor of our group. We are a grassroots group of volunteers dedicated to inclusiveness and to sharing information, creating networks, establishing relationships and sharing resources in order to address climate change. I’d like to be able to reach the women in the various ethnic communities, with a strong voice that speaks to them, that galvanizes them – us.

    I hope to hear back from you soon!


  10. I googled “bangladeshi feminist” on a whim, and your name was the first one to come up in the search results.

    I’m loving the blog and also yay for getting postgraduate degrees in development from the UK! I got mine from UCL last year 😀

  11. I love your work, i love the power we women have.

    there something interesting that is currently popular around the world and its a search engine (like google) targeted towards the muslim community, from what i understand it basically blocks porn, and allows its users to decide by a voting system what results could possibly be deemed as good or bad.

    in other words it lets its users decide its content.

    why i bring this is due to an article i read on the facebook page which the co-founder is a muslim woman, which i found to be extremely impressive

    there hasnt been much press on her as i can find , i think it woul dbe great for you to get in contact her specifcally and write about it, it would be extremely encouraging to muslim women out there to be aware of such women in information/data/web industry.

    this is the search engine http://www.taqwa.me

    ill be following you forever!

  12. Hey Anushay,

    I found out about your blog through your appearance on RT when you were discussing the exploitation of the Afghan girl who’s nose and ears were hacked off.

    Didn’t even know you were Bengali until I read your ‘Trying to eat, pray and love’ entry. I thought it was a really nuanced piece and as a Bengali who by pure stroke of luck was born in a so-called developed country, I can happily say that I never ever take for granted how lucky I am to be able to travel freely. However I feel absolute disgust at the double standards that still exist in our world where the colour of your passport determines where you can go, so I really do feel for you.

    Anyhoo keep fighting the good fight, your work really speaks to me,

    A fellow BRAC alumnus.

  13. Thanks so much for your comment, Emran! Thanks for taking the time to read my work, I really appreciate it. The color of one’s passport, sigh yes, has way too much power.

  14. great! do let me know if you need any kinda help related to Pakistan.



  15. Great work !!
    Gender Equality Ambassador.

    Your work is greatly appreciated.
    I am an IT Expert and would love to assist you in this cause, whenever an IT support is needed.

  16. Name of the perpetrators: Major Md. Abu Muttakim (Mirpur Staff Student College), Majharul Siddique Robin, Shamol, Tarick, Ranu, Tamanna Shultana, Nargis, Kanis*husband (19#ulon) Monir Uddin Ahmed, Mosabber Uddin Ahmed, Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom( 212#Ulon) Liton, Sujon (15#Ulon) Abu Hossain Monirul-Fat Mouina, Shimul, Gholam Faruk-Dhonu, Nahid-(Dhonu’s Son) Sumon, Shajitha’s husband (17#Ulon) UNB PRO: Zakir Hossain (313ulon) Misir Ali Lackey, of the Matabars, Sheeru, Shalludin, Momean and off springs (Matabars) Shalluddin Matabar’s Brother-in-Law Shoriful Islam (Ripon)
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  17. An Army Officer Violated a young girl with a bunch of hired hooligans with the objective of “Home Grabbing.” Police was watching with amusement. She along with her father got tragically wounded in the event.

  18. HELLOW!

  19. you have the coolest job on the planet! I’m aspiring to make a difference in our corrupt country also, and your work inspires me immensely, but i don’t know how to go about doing so? do you have any suggestions for me? i was planning on staying a year or so in Dhaka after i finish my B.Comm (Finance and Economics) degree from my country in Sydney, Australia and maybe enter the workforce there to maybe make a start, as i think more people need to help make a change in the country that is so backdated when it comes to development of any sort, where the government certainly aren’t doing their part

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  21. When I saw you on Aljazeera my first thought was, what lushness is this? You look like a princess and you seem passionate about your work. Tackling popular topics in public, especially using twitter looks nerve wrecking to me but you do it with such ease. I don’t think it hurts that your gorgeous.. Good Luck with your future stories.

  22. Hello dear, I just found you from a facebook link; I am proud of you and your work. If you have any link where I can read your work, please forward it to me. I am from Mukti Joddah generation.

  23. Very nice to know you via your blogging. i like to become journalist, and can get best out of myself, your support appreciated. regards

  24. Hi Anushayji,

    Best wishes from the land of Mahatma Gandhi.
    Initially I was thinking you are Indian and later landed in your page to find out you are my neighbour. Stay safe, keep up the moral, continue your work for women rights.

  25. Women’s right should be the human’s right but unluckily women’s of third world countries are in dark about their right and your effort to aware on gender issues is praiseworthy. Keep the ball rolling…

  26. Dear Anushay, I am ashamed that I was not aware of such a prominent and powerful women’s rights expert and activist who also happens to be Bangladeshi and was a BRAC intern. I just read your article in CNN about Entrepreneurship Summit in India and Ivanka Trump – it seemed like you just took the words out of my mouth to write this article and I had to google you to learn more about you.
    As a Bangladeshi, growing up with very strong women in the family and working for NGO “Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women” as my first job after graduation, I feel strong about women’s rights and work with a lot of non-profit back home to empower them – just do not have the platform like you to voice my opinion – So I feel very proud that you are not only advocating women’s rights but also writing about the issues women face in Developing countries like Bangladesh. Keep up the good work!!

  27. I always appreciate your intelligent commentary on AM Joy. I wish you and your family good fortune in the future.

  28. Great write up Anushey.. nice to see this is featured in Forbes.. Best wishes for you..

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