The Republican Party Is Falling Apart

What a week! Ahead of the GOP convention, there were no shortage of headlines grabbing attention away from Mr. Trump.

From terror attacks in Dhaka, Orlando, Dallas, and even Nice, to a shady attempt at a coup in Turkey voters were left with the question of which candidate ultimately makes them feel more secure when it comes to national security.

I joined Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and others to tackle the headlines on Friday.

Watch above and tell me, will masculinity affect the elections?


  1. Very impressed to watch your recent interview with CNN about Dr. Khan’s speech at the DNC.

    Above all very glad to know , you’re the grand daughter of our ‘ Iconic Figure of Bangladesh’ Tofazzel Hossain, founder of Ittefaq.

    Being an American Bangladeshi, we’re very proud of your remarkable works in journalism. Wishing you all the best.

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