Trump Could Spell End For Republican Party

Battle of the parties or battle of the sexes? The race for the White House is in full speed, and Trump and Clinton have apparently have decided who they are up against: each other.

Instead of backtracking on his revoltingly offensive comments about Clinton, Trump has decided to double-down it seems, blaming her on Monday for enabling her husband’s affairs, and calling her the “worst abuser of women.”

Yes, Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady, US Senator and a former Secretary of State, who has been endorsed by Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood, is definitely guilty of abusing women’s rights- says the man who allegedly raped his first wife, refers to women as pigs.


I went on CNN to talk about why Trump demeans all women and why we need a Democrat in the White House.

University of Virginia’s (UVA) own Professor Larry Sabato joined the panel as well. Wahoowa!

Watch the segment here.







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