Who Will Republican Women Vote For In 2016?

After Fmr. US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright and feminist icon, Gloria Steinem suggested a few weeks back that young women are entitled to vote for Hillary it seemed as though the Clinton campaign would not recover from making millennial women feel obligated to vote for Hillary solely based on her gender, not her policies.

But Hillary put the doubters to rest with her fantastic performance at yesterday’s #SuperTuesday. The presidential candidate scored big with non-white voters and set herself up as the anti-Trump.

With Clinton and Trump already acting as though they are running against each other, the question is how will Republican women end up voting if it does come down to a woman they frankly, detest and a misogynistic, racist pig?

Watch the full special Google Hangout episode below as I analyze the #SuperTuesday results with Bonnie Erbe.

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