Happy New Year 2016!

Even though 2016 is a mere few hours away, and already arrived for many of you around the world, I still cannot believe 2015 is (almost) behind us.

A big part of me feels exhausted trying to rethink the past 12 months, largely due to the world’s refugee crisis, the war in Syria, ISIS and global terror, all on the rise.


Not to mention the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric and sentiment in America and around the world. Thank you, Donald Trump for leading the way for racists everywhere.

But 2015 was a year of massive accomplishments for Anushay’s Point, and it is all because of YOU, my fantastic readers.


This year, I saw my writings published in Women in the World/The New York Times, and I became a regular commentator on major US TV networks such as CNN & PBS.

Nuovo ano, nuova vita as the Italians would say. New year, new life. Here’s to dreaming big, making it happen and reaching even higher in 2016.

Thank you for supporting and reading my work, Dear Readers!







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