Anti-Muslim Sentiment At All Time High In America

Saying it is a scary time to be a Muslim in America is sadly a gross understatement.

As I write this post US GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump has just called for an all out ban on Muslims entering/immigrating to the US.

Yes and in 2015.


These are terrifying times for Muslim-Americans who in the run up to next year’s elections in America have so far been subject to calls to be entered in a national database, tracked, issued Muslim IDs, and now banned from coming to America.

I joined Frederika Whitfield on CNN on Sunday to discuss the anti-Muslim climate in the country today. I stipulated we must all be united against ISIS and not fall into their trap of having us turn against our Muslim brothers and sisters. We are not the terrorists.

Watch here.

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  1. Dear Anushays

    ……… ” having us turn against our Muslim brothers and sisters”

    First and foremost, you are an “Earthling” and then you are a “Homosapien” and then you are a “Female” and then you are an “enter your country of birth” and then you are ……………. ad finitum. Lastly, you are a follower of Islam and a Muslim.

    Sadly, you and apparently all other Muslims identify yourselves in reverse order.

    By fact of nature, I as a 70 year old white male am your COUSIN – in this case, Uncle. Every human male descends from Grandad M042 (may have changed by now) circa 75,000 years ago. (actually maybe as far back as 150,000 years but male Y Chromosome testing can only go back about 75,000 years at this writing). Since there are 7 billion of us on this beautiful planet, any group that claims to be Gods or Allah’s chosen ones must include all humans at every single point on the earth.

    So the comment “… Muslim Brothers and Sisters” is, in my opinion, is divisive. It excludes me and another 5.5 billion of your cousins.

    If you choose to use the term “Brother and Sisters” don’t forget the Jewish, Christian, Buddhist………………, and every other imaginary fairy tale belief system that exists within the human experience.


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