#IStandWithAhmed Reflects Best Of America


Last week, when 14 year old Texas high-school student, Ahmed Mohammed got arrested by his school for bringing his invention, a clock, to his school it only took American-Muslims a few seconds to recognize what a wrong and racist act had just taken place.

But sadly, these days these kinds of incidences are just becoming commonplace. What the arrest of this young boy shows us is that Islamaphobia in America is alive and well.


Thankfully so is Hashtag Activism.

Although the story represents how entrenched anti-Muslim sentiment is in the US, the social media response from President Obama, Facebook, Twitter, Hillary Clinton and many, many other prominent voices really demonstrates the best of America.


Watch me speak with CNN’s Carol Costello and Daily Beast Columnist, Dean Obeidallah on CNN’s Newsroom here.

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