Colleges Do Not Want To Deal With Campus Sexual Assault


After its summer hiatus, PBS’ To The Contrary returned with a bang. On Friday, my fellow To The Contrary panelists and I, with our legendary host, Bonnie Erbe, tackled sexual assault on campus, Donald Trump, immigration and Hillary Clinton’s stance on women’s rights.

My stipulation always focuses on identifying rape culture, first and foremost. Most people have no idea that we are raised in a culture that normalizes men’s sexual violence, blaming it on other factors such as alcohol, what women’s were wearing, and ‘hook-up culture’.


Really guys, is it that difficult to understand consent? Apparently so.

How can we really tackle the epidemic levels of rape on campuses across America without comprehending the responsibility we put on women to not get raped instead of telling men to not rape?


This of course brings up the role colleges and universities play in not only implementing their campus sexual assault policies, but creating an environment that makes women feel secure to report these crimes in the first place.

“Men are being told not to rape, but also that colleges don’t want to deal with it and you will get away with it,” I said on the show.

Watch the full episode below and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Absolutely agree with the difference between ‘telling women not to get raped’ and ‘telling men not to rape’ and I don’t want to detract from that. However, to really allow this message to push home it is also important to get rid of the culture of ‘cry rape’ which is all too prevalent too.

    When she says he raped and he said she consented it is often impossible to tell who is telling the truth and I can imagine many campuses just aren’t mentally or professionally prepared to deal with that.

    There’s too many rapists not facing justice; but there’s also a fair number of destroyed lives from being falsely accused out of revenge.

    Please don’t read this as criticism of the stance however, I absolutely agree with your words Anushay.

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