Anushay’s Point Presents At Washington Journalism Convention

Speaking at the JEA/NSPA convention at the Washington Marriott Wardman.
Speaking at the JEA/NSPA convention at the Washington Marriott Wardman.

This past weekend, I experienced one of the coolest full-circle moments when I spoke at the National High School Journalism Convention, “We The Media,” in Washington. With over six thousand attendees, it was such an honor to present to such passionate young journalists about how telling our own stories helps us connect with our audience.

Th experience was made even more special to me because my own high school english teacher, Ms. Donna Spisso, who also was my Yearbook Journalism advisor, and the woman who handed me my first ever issue of Ms. Magazine, had recommended me as a speaker.

Selfie with young upcoming feminist writers.
Selfie with young upcoming feminist writers.

Meeting young writers especially throngs of budding feminist writers is really food for my writer’s soul, fuel for the activist in me. I genuinely felt like I connected with my workshop attendees during my 50 minute talk, and also in my Q&A session that spilled over into the lobby post-session. I was so honored and humbled to meet such brilliant journalists, and could not believe how many of them were already familiar with my work.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, make sure to check out this awesome and influential conference next time you are in Washington.


  1. Hi Anushay! I attended your speech at the JEA convention Saturday and was thoroughly inspired. You are an amazing speaker and great role model for women, specially at an age like mine. I was wondering if you had an email I could contact you at. I just recently dealt with first hand sexism that was utterly offensive and could really use some advice on how to deal with it/how to feel about it. Thank You! – Avi Claire Chabot

  2. : D I was at the conference and I enjoyed listening to you speak so much : ) I wrote down your name but i lost the paper and i went onto the website and im so happy I found your blog. ❤

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