Anushay’s Point: Feminism Is Good For Business

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Last Friday, the US State Department released a new report focusing on trafficking victims’ journey to becoming survivors. This is the topic PBS’ To The Contrary opened the show with. We hear so much much about the trafficking of women and children overseas, that we often forget it’s a massive problem here in America.

This was a point I really tried to emphasize last week on the show. Trafficking in the US is a $9.5 billion dollar industry, second only to drugs. The US is also a top destination for traffickers, and a major transit country.

Before I looked into it, I had no idea about these facts.


I also shared, as I often have, how difficult it is to be a working mother in one of the most powerful countries in the world. Did you know that the US is the only industrialized country in the world without paid maternity leave? This has huge implications for the American workforce, the economy, and women’s role in both.

I hope the current White House Summit on Working Families provides some much needed policy solutions fast. Having a child should not mean your job has to become difficult.

Honor to be on the same panel as Federal Prosecutor & Former Judge, Deborah Carnahan.
Honor to be on the same panel as Federal Prosecutor & Former Judge, Deborah Carnahan.

I had the most fun on the show when we did the TTC Extra portion discussing the new book, “The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match” which tells women with “dominant personalities” how to settle down with the more submissive Beta man. You can imagine, I had a lot to say about that.

Catch the full episode below & enjoy!


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