HuffPost Live Interviews Anushay’s Point

One of the first blogs I ever started writing for was The Huffington Post. It basically gave me my first big platform, and Arianna Huffington is a personal icon of mine. I love smart, powerful women who know how to manage large brands.

Discussing the Savar Tragedy on HuffPost Live on Thursday.
Discussing the Savar Tragedy on HuffPost Live on Thursday.

Of course I was excited when HuffPost Live called me this week to come on-air, and discuss the Savar, Bangladesh tragedy. We had an insightful conversation, and I brought up the specific issue of Bangladeshi responsibility, and the dangers of scapegoating such a powerful global industry.

Discussing the Role Garments Played in Empowering, & Exploiting, Women in Bangladesh on HuffPost Live.
Discussing the Role Garments Plays in Empowering & Exploiting Women.

I also explore the building collapse, and the implications it has for Bangladesh’s most profitable sector further in my Forbes Woman piece, “Made in Bangladesh, Not in Bangladeshi Blood.”

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