This past Monday, the 26th of March, was Bangladesh’s 41st Independence Anniversary. I was so happy that the issue of women’s rights four decades after we separated from Pakistan was featured on “The Stream” on Al-Jazeera. I had worked for months to get this issue on air.

Bangladesh is often touted as a “development star.” We slashed our maternal mortality rates by 40%, significant population decline, the success of micro-finance and two decades of back to back female leadership.

But none of this can be a testament to female empowerment in Bangladesh if we are failing women at a level of basic security. Acid violence, domestic violence, denial of the rapes that took place in 1971 to almost 400,000 Bangladeshi women, and the recent spike in sexual harassment, aka “Eve teasing,” will all taint the accomplishments of our vibrant women’s movement.

Watch the segment & let me know what you think.