No End In Sight? The Burqa Debate Drags On & On

For me, the issue of the burqa ban in Europe was a closed one when the initiative finally failed last month in France. But then it was taken up in Belgium where it is more than likely to pass. I debated the issue of it being banned in Belgium live on BBC Radio last week.

If I have to, I will repeat until I can’t utter the word “burqa” anymore that this issue is not about wardrobe, but about the larger issue of Muslim integration in Europe, about the fear of societies becoming Islamasized, and preserving secular identity. So why can’t Europe get that through their head and get over the burqa? Why can’t they stop attacking it and start talking about what the real issue is?

Parisian Designers Protest France's Burqa Ban. Image Credit: Feministing

Because the burqa is too tangible and visible of a symbol.  It is simply too easy of a target. It is also too convenient for European politicians to hide behind the agenda of liberating Muslim women, and pretend that they are formulating their policy based on Muslim women’s rights.

Puhleez. Give me a break. No one is buying this.

What still baffles me is that if these European politicians really want to get at the root of the pr0blem, why not ban the extremist Islamic groups in Europe that preach violence and hate? It is so ironic that on one hand you have men telling women that they have to wear the burqa, and on the other hand you have male lawmakers saying you have to take it off!

Well, I have something to say to all men (and women) who are trying to ban the the burqa: let Muslim women choose for themselves. The Government cannot and must not dictate the wardrobe of its citizens.

My past article on this issue was very nicely cited on Feministing this week. Have a read while I go take a breather after yet another discussion on the burqa ban.

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  1. That’s fine and all, if women want to wear the Burqa go for it. But myself i don’t want to talk to a black cloth i want to see the face im talking to, the smile the laugh the tears the expression on there face when we communicate.

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