The Price Of Excluding Women: World Economic Forum Tracks Gender Pay Gaps

In continuing with celebrating Women’s History Month, I think it is important to shed light on the sheer stupidity of many nations, especially in the “Developing World”, to not tap into women as a major resource. Obviously this has huge implications for the economies of these countries.

A few years ago, the United Nations released a report on Arab development which identified that a major factor for the Middle East not progressing at the rate of other regions was because it systematically left out 50% of its population- women.

You would think it would be comprehensible that if half your population is not able to contribute to their society, it would impact your economy. But apparently this fact is still not clear to many.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just completed a study that analyzes the role women play in the global workforce. One of the authors of this report, Saadia Zahidi, was on Bloomberg Television recently to talk about how around the world women remain untapped human capital.

Watch the video below where Zahidi, who is also the Director of Women Leaders and Gender at the World Economic Forum, has an excellent discussion about this issue with Bloomberg Anchor, and my former College roommate, (yes, I love saying that), Margaret Brennan.

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