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Anushay’s Point: Women Empowered On Their Own, Don’t Need Men

Last Friday, I was back on PBS’ To The Contrary, hosted by the legendary Bonne Erbe, with fellow panelists Sabrina Schaeffer, Debra Carnahan, & Rina Shah. We debated Fmr. President Carter’s new book which… Continue reading

5 Things I’ve Learned About Being An Asian Feminist Mom

Any woman can tell you that as a feminist, your morals and boundaries are constantly being challenged, and none more so than when you are both Asian and feminist. As with any culture,… Continue reading

A Strategic Win: Lupita Nyong’o Proves The Politics Of Dark Skin

I am still wiping my tears from Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar acceptance speech. But all the Hollywood fawning and ogling over her is making me more uncomfortable than proud, mainly because it serves as a reminder that… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Debates Women’s Rights On PBS

Wonderful to begin the new year with my writing premiering on the Daily Beast, and returning twice to PBS’ To The Contrary, the show I made my US TV back in November of 2013.… Continue reading

Is Beyonce Being A Feminist Just For Record Sales?

Last month when Beyonce’s massively successful secret album launched, I had it on repeat for weeks, and danced all over my house with my baby girl to the addictive beats of “Flawless,” “XO,”… Continue reading

Branding Bangladesh: India’s Neighbor Is Becoming A Major Startup Hub

Poverty, natural disasters, and cheap labor may be what you would normally associate with Bangladesh, but India’s neighbor could be Asia’s next major startup hub. “Bangladesh is becoming a land of opportunity,” says… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Speaks on Feminism & Youth in Dhaka

I went home to Bangladesh after three years last month, and although the trip was personal and I try to make a point not to work, I was too honored to turn down… Continue reading

Raising Our Glass To A Feminist 2014

I do not believe in beginning a new year with an apology, but that is precisely what I owe to my fabulous feminist readers for being slightly MIA as 2014 gets underway. I… Continue reading

Wrapping Up A Very Feminist 2013

In her now viral list cataloging how awesome 2013 was for feminists, writer and editor Elizabeth Plank analyzes a year where women, from Hollywood to Capitol Hill to New Delhi, stood up for… Continue reading

Doing It All: Is Working From Home The Answer To Our Prayers?

I recently discovered that I like to do it all, and for me, in a nutshell, that would be, writing and parenting. Being a working mom, I regularly get the question of how… Continue reading