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Discrimination Plagues Indian Women Scientists

*This post of mine was also published in The New York Times/ Women in the World.* The sexism that plagues women in the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is… Continue reading

New York Times Features Anushay’s Point For Mother’s Day

Technically, it is not even Mother’s Day in the US yet, but this year my gift arrived early all courtesy of The New York Times/Women in the World. We get so caught up… Continue reading

Maya Apa: Meeting The Team Behind The App

I managed to make a quick trip back to the motherland, Bangladesh last month to visit family. It’s always a shock to the system to go back to where I come from and… Continue reading

Oklahoma State University Honors Anushay’s Point

Finally going full-time with my writing two years ago also gave me control over one of my favorite aspects about┬ámy work- meeting passionate, driven young women across the country. This year, I was… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point On PBS: US Military Will Not Safeguard Afghan Women’s Rights

Last Friday, I was honored to return to PBS’ To The Contrary to talk about the impact US troop withdrawal will have on women’s rights in Afghanistan. Afghan women’s rights was the first… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Speaks At Her Alma Mater, UVA

Anybody that knows me, knows I am a huge fan of my alma mater, the University of Virginia. Not only is it one of the best academic institutions nationally and internationally, my college… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Rape Culture Rampant In South Asia

The controversy around the British documentary, India’s Daughter, which interviews the alleged rapists from the infamous 2012 gang-rape of a female student on a New Delhi bus, continues to rage. I spoke with… Continue reading

Knowing Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day

*This post of mine was also published on The Huffington Post.* Women’s History Month is underway, and next week we celebrate International Women’s Day, but how many of us actually know what this… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Generalizing Muslims Needs To End

It was great returning to PBS’ To The Contrary last week to talk about the Vatican and women, female rangers, and Former UN official May Rihani’s new book in which she says Islam,… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point On CNN: We Must Deal With Rape Culture

There is no denying that campus sexual assault in the US are currently at epidemic levels. But from banning fraternities to banning sorority sisters from venturing to parties to banning alcohol, why are… Continue reading