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Anushay’s Point: Women Empowered On Their Own, Don’t Need Men

Last Friday, I was back on PBS’ To The Contrary, hosted by the legendary Bonne Erbe, with fellow panelists Sabrina Schaeffer, Debra Carnahan, & Rina Shah. We debated Fmr. President Carter’s new book which… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Debates Women’s Rights On PBS

Wonderful to begin the new year with my writing premiering on the Daily Beast, and returning twice to PBS’ To The Contrary, the show I made my US TV back in November of 2013.… Continue reading

Is Beyonce Being A Feminist Just For Record Sales?

Last month when Beyonce’s massively successful secret album launched, I had it on repeat for weeks, and danced all over my house with my baby girl to the addictive beats of “Flawless,” “XO,”… Continue reading

Raising Our Glass To A Feminist 2014

I do not believe in beginning a new year with an apology, but that is precisely what I owe to my fabulous feminist readers for being slightly MIA as 2014 gets underway. I… Continue reading

The Reluctant Heroine: Celebrity Aside, Malala’s Cause Is Real

Global education champion, Malala Yousafzai stipulated this week that she is not a “puppet of the West” and was indeed, a proud Pakistani girl. It needs no introduction that Yousafzai became an international… Continue reading

Femicide In Italy: Domestic Violence Persists Despite New Laws

Years ago when I lived in Rome, it was quite a challenge to spend a day without experiencing the country’s notorious ‘machismo’ culture. Right along with your morning cappuccino and brioche would likely be a… Continue reading

Making Every Mother Count: Christy Turlington Burns Talks Women’s Health & Rights

Christy Turlington Burns’ career as a model needs very little introduction or discussion. But these days, it is her work as a global maternal health advocate that has the Supermodel traveling from the marble halls… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Returns To The Stream

There has been a lot of buzz since the Spring about Al-Jazeera buying Al Gore’s Current TV, effectively creating Al-Jazeera America. With all the buzz, it was an exciting time to return to… Continue reading

HuffPost Live Interviews Anushay’s Point

One of the first blogs I ever started writing for was The Huffington Post. It basically gave me my first big platform, and Arianna Huffington is a personal icon of mine. I love… Continue reading

Made in Bangladesh, Not in Bangladeshi Blood

For me, nothing captures the human tragedy of the recent building collapse in Savar, Bangladesh more poignantly than the image of the man cradling a woman in his arms, her broken body balancing… Continue reading