Priyanka Chopra: Proof Bollywood breaking into Hollywood?

Sexism in Hollywood has gotten so bad that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has urged federal and state civil rights agencies to investigate “the systemic failure to hire women directors at all… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Voters Care About Policy More Than Gender

With Hillary Clinton officially in the race for President, naturally there will be endless segments on gender, but I thought today’s segment on CNN with Carol Costello gave a different perspective on gender politics.… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Women Not Always Aware When Paid Less

This week on PBS’ To The Contrary, we took on pay equity, how social media impacts marriage, anti-poverty experiments, and mothers who abandon their children. Washington, DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and I… Continue reading

New York Times Features Anushay’s Point For Mother’s Day

Technically, it is not even Mother’s Day in the US yet, but this year my gift arrived early all courtesy of The New York Times/Women in the World. We get so caught up… Continue reading

On Race, Journalism & Sabeen Mahmud’s Legacy

One of my favorite things to do is discuss and debate with my friends, especially those near and dear to me because chances are like me, they are passionate about gender, politics and culture.… Continue reading

Maya Apa: Meeting The Team Behind The App

I managed to make a quick trip back to the motherland, Bangladesh last month to visit family. It’s always a shock to the system to go back to where I come from and… Continue reading

Praying For Nepal

There are no words to describe the devastation that the nation of Nepal has been struck by. Seems as though the very forces that gave this country its beautiful rugged natural beauty is… Continue reading

Oklahoma State University Honors Anushay’s Point

Finally going full-time with my writing two years ago also gave me control over one of my favorite aspects about my work- meeting passionate, driven young women across the country. This year, I was… Continue reading

The Blood of Bangladeshi Bloggers: Who Is Next?

For the second time in just over a month, a blogger has been hacked to death on the streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh. The death of Washiqur Rahman sent a chilling message to Bangladeshis that… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point On PBS: US Military Will Not Safeguard Afghan Women’s Rights

Last Friday, I was honored to return to PBS’ To The Contrary to talk about the impact US troop withdrawal will have on women’s rights in Afghanistan. Afghan women’s rights was the first… Continue reading