Anushay’s Point Featured In The New York Times

In Bangladesh, Mobile App Removes Stigma Of Talking About Women’s Health: Bangladesh is often touted as a development star. The nation has famously slashed maternal deaths by 40 percent in the last decade,… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Speaks At Her Alma Mater, UVA

Anybody that knows me, knows I am a huge fan of my alma mater, the University of Virginia. Not only is it one of the best academic institutions nationally and internationally, my college… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Rape Culture Rampant In South Asia

The controversy around the British documentary, India’s Daughter, which interviews the alleged rapists from the infamous 2012 gang-rape of a female student on a New Delhi bus, continues to rage. I spoke with… Continue reading

Knowing Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day

Women’s History Month is underway, and next week we celebrate International Women’s Day, but how many of us actually know what this day is all about? International Women’s Day began in the early… Continue reading

The Accidental Interview: Arianna, Anushay And Christine

I am still in disbelief that in the middle of her interview on attracting women to the workforce, Arianna Huffington took a recorded question from me for Christine Lagarde today on HuffPost Live.… Continue reading

Wolf Blitzer Asks Anushay’s Point About Obama’s Language On ISIS

There has been a lot of controversy, to say the least, around Obama’s repeated refusal to call the fight against ISIS a war against radical Islam. Friday I was on CNN talking about… Continue reading

Why Language Matters In The Fight Against ISIS

There are many days when I can say I would not want to trade places with President Barack Obama. That sentiment is particularly strong now given the controversy that is surrounding his speeches… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Generalizing Muslims Needs To End

It was great returning to PBS’ To The Contrary last week to talk about the Vatican and women, female rangers, and Former UN official May Rihani’s new book in which she says Islam,… Continue reading

Adventures In Raising A Feminist Daughter

The other morning, my 3 ½ year-old daughter was throwing a fit about not wanting to go to school. Because I was trying to put her socks on her feet at the time, she… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point On PBS: Men Are Most Important Allies In Feminism

I totally belief that feminism and gender equality cannot truly advance if we do not have our most important allies working hand in hand with us -men. Most feminists know and agree with this,… Continue reading