Anushay’s Point: Football & Feminism Contradict Each Other.

Is it wrong for feminists to be football fans? This was just one of the topics we tackled, (pun intended), on this week’s To The Contrary on PBS. I’m all about women doing… Continue reading

Obama Visits Mosque: Better Late Than Never?

*This post of mine was also published on The Huffington Post.* With all the controversy surrounding whether he himself is actually a Muslim, today US President Barack Obama visited the Islamic Society of… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point Launches Bengali Column

I have always been fascinated by online media branding and marketing: How a company can change its entire image by changing its logo, updating its websites and social media. One of my favorite recent… Continue reading

Anushay’s Point: Oscars Reflect White Privilege

The beginning of a new year means one thing in Tinseltown- award season. This week on PBS’ To The Contrary we talked about how the most important awards, the Oscars, are once again… Continue reading

Guest Post: What Is Micro-Machismo?

I still cannot believe I am lucky enough to have passionate and intelligent young feminists to intern with Anushay’s Point. This past Fall-Winter, Marta Cillero worked with me. Although she was born and… Continue reading

America Needs a Female President

*This post of mine is also published on The Huffington Post.* One of the things that I love about a brand new year are all the possibilities. That’s the great thing about resolutions-… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2016!

Even though 2016 is a mere few hours away, and already arrived for many of you around the world, I still cannot believe 2015 is (almost) behind us. A big part of me… Continue reading

Wrapping Up 2015: The Year in Review

This time of year is normally filled with superlatives and I have to admit I love it. As a writer, looking back and reflecting on the year is one of my favorite things… Continue reading

Priscilla Chan: Will The First Lady Of Tech Please Speak Up?

*This post of mine is also published on The Huffington Post.* Mark Zuckerberg and I are best friends. Well, at least that is what I would like to believe by the number of times he… Continue reading

Anti-Muslim Sentiment At All Time High In America

Saying it is a scary time to be a Muslim in America is sadly a gross understatement. As I write this post US GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump has just called for an all… Continue reading